Upholstery fabric: Trilogie and subtly coloured decorations

Source: BTH-Heimtex 3/2017

The Osnabrück-based textiles company Geos-Geilfuß presents two new upholstery fabric collections for the upcoming season. The Trilogie collection features more than 100 varieties of flat woven fabric, divided into three colour-themed books. A wide range of qualities and various materials provide for an inter-combinable mixture. All products are stain-resistant.

The new collection of outdoor upholstery fabrics is called Open Air. More than 175 designs include unicoloured as well as patterned products through to imitation leather - even in a metallic look.

The new premium collection of curtains and decorative fabrics in sophisticated, subtle and muted hues is mostly available in floor-to-ceiling versions. The range covers modern jacquard fabrics with graphical designs and velvet that is available in a floor-to-ceiling variety as well as for upholstery purposes. The velvet comes in colours ranging from muted through to high-contrast shades.

Among the curtain highlights there is a scherli with a large-scale design, as well as a jacquard featuring a 3D shrinking effect and a unicoloured batiste that supplements the product range with its height of 310 cm.