The softer side of light

Source: RZ 4/2017

There is nothing like the beauty of natural daylight. However, it is possible to combine the best of two worlds by using a smart system to create a suitable setting for nature without sacrificing shade, privacy, or protection against glare and sun. Owing to their dual light filters, the Duette fabrics provide for a particularly soft and even light incidence that creates a homely and pleasant atmosphere in the rooms. The effect is facilitated through a honeycomb structure and interior technology. With a wide range of colours and excellent combinability, an individual lighting atmosphere can be created for any room.

Radiant fabric qualities

Two further interesting fabric qualities are now available in addition to the Duette Geos collection “K679”. “Duette Batiste Sheer“ is a transparent version based on the exclusive quality of “Duette Batiste“. This Duette quality is particularly suited for day-and-night versions.

The second new variety is called “Duette Fixé Montana“. When lit by daylight, the extraordinary print design provides for an interesting and lively crush look at the window.